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"Three very strong female physical comediennes" and “adept…charismatic” - Julie Congress​ (

"I went to see Pretty & Papi on Oscar night and boy, am I glad I did. This quirky, creative, unpretentious show was, I'm sure, much more enjoyable than Hollywood's parade of commercialism and artificial glamour." –Steve Hauck (Theater is Easy)

"I've seen better."  - Leah's Mom (all dinner tables). 

“Engaging…imaginatively directed…many inspired touches and memorable moments." –Steve Hauck (Theater is Easy)

“...tremendously funny and well-executed” (of 'My Trained Monkey') - Three Weeks review (from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

“Thank God good, original theatre can still be found in the nooks and crannies of downtown New York.” –Steve Hauck (Theater is Easy)


"It is not really my thing"- Leah's best friend

"One happily finds the strongest language of the world, the strongest that exists: the language of the body." - The Starnberger Merkur (German News Paper)

"Been there, done that" - Olivia's Parents (her mom was on Broadway)

“Leah Abel and Olivia Halle Lehrman are obviously experienced and intelligent performers” - The Informed Edinburgh

"Olivia Hallie Lehrman is very good as Pretty. Her strong clowning background is evident and she brings a surprising honesty and heart to this character." - Julie Congress​ (
"You make me so very proud."- Rebecca's dad 

“…Ms. Abel adeptly plays a whole slew of wacky, weird and off-beat characters…"–Steve Hauck (Theater is Easy)


Check out Leah performing at the US Figure Skating Championships at TD GardenUS Figure Skating Championships at TD Garden here:

Audience Reaction

"The versatility of these performers is awe-inspiring, and the results of their antics are truly funny. Enacting clever twists on all kinds of relationships, the shows leave one thinking as well as laughing. They open your mind, touch your heart, AND tickle your funny bone."  - Enthusiastic Fan, Jane Whitmore

“Hilarious. Fantastic. Hilarious. Thought provoking. Hilarious" - Anonymous 

“They were delightful. I didn’t stop smiling once" - Nina Lavine (Theatrical Clown & Teacher)

"A really fun show by a charming performer" - Adam Gerstacov

“Innovative, funny”​ - Anonymous


"I heard the show wasn't half bad..."  - Leah's girlfriend

“Original, energetic, engaging and fun!” - Anonymous
"Leah James Abel excels at combining the physical, emotional and psychological to create appealing humor, soaring acrobatics and great entertainment. Her originality in both narrative and physical performance inspires the audience to think more deeply about current issues. Through humor, laughter and release, Leah’s work invites the audience to view its cultural assumptions from new perspectives."  - Leah's mommy and daddy

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note: all the best photos were taken by Diego Navarro and Kirk Lawrence.       Hoping to be so successful we can sell out!

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