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To confront the world with reality through a blend of comedy, stupidity, acrobatic circus skills, and good old fashioned charm.  And hoping to be so successful we can sell out!

What We Do


​   Stilt-walking​
   Walk-around characters

   Aerial work ​
   Doubles Trapeze​
   Single Trapeze
   Comedy Flying Trapeze
   Tippy Lyra by Cody Schreger 





Awkward At Best has performed for


Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines
NYC Frigid Festival
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Dobbs Ferry Purim Festival
NYC Strawberry Festival
Tribeca Film Festival
NY Clown Theatre Festival
& mooooooore.


What People Say Praise for Awkward At Best

"I went to see Pretty & Papi on Oscar night and boy, am I glad I did. This quirky, creative, unpretentious show was, I'm sure, much more enjoyable than Hollywood's parade of commercialism and artificial glamour." - Theater is Easy

“Thank God good, original theatre can still be found in the nooks and crannies of downtown New York.” - Theater is Easy

“engaging…imaginatively directed…many inspired touches and memorable moments." –Steve Hauck

“three very strong female physical comediennes” and “adept…charismatic” –Julie Congress

                                    For MORE quotes about Awkward At Best Click here


     Roving acrobatics​

      Full-length theatre shows


      Team-building for small and large


       School programs





note: all the best photos were taken by Diego Navarro and Kirk Lawrence.       Hoping to be so successful we can sell out!

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