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We would love it if you sent us some $. Or, transfered airline miles to us. Or, anything else. We really would...


We are currently looking for money to:


  • Remount our shows Date Requested
  • Remount our show Monkey n' Trainer
  • Workshop and mount our show Bippy and Dippy
  • Travel funds to rehearse (we currently all live in different cities)
  • Hire a videographer to help us make better demo-reels
  • Rehearsal space rental
  •  Grant writer
  • toilet paper

please click on the button below to donate by Paypal or credit card. Or, send us an email, and we will tell you where you can send us a check.

We would so super appreciate it!

Click below to donate by PayPal

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

note: all the best photos were taken by Diego Navarro and Kirk Lawrence.       Hoping to be so successful we can sell out!

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